Pindimar - Non-Urban Land - Invest Now For The Future - Walking Distance to Pindimar Bay - Building a home or any permanent structure not permitted.

Therefore, in accordance with clause 19(3)(b), a dwelling house may NOT be erected on the land without the development consent of Council. Check out PRINTABLE BROCHURE tab to view council zoning.

Lot 3 Sect 59 Challis Avenue – 797m2 - $41,000

Lot 6 Sect 59 Peace Parade – 795m2 – $41,000

Lot 31 Sect C Kiora Street – 1032m2 - $30,000

Lot 7 Sect Q Nardoo Street – 4014m2 - $80,000

Lot 7 Section 41 Cambage Street, Pindimar 1177m2 $25,000

18 Peace Parade Pindimar - 743sqm - $40,000

Lot 5 Section 60 Chisholm Avenue Pindimar - 443sqm - $45,000

Lot 4 Section F Koree Street Pindimar - 3700sqm - $60,000

Lots 8, 9 & 10 Section 60 Peace Parade - 695 - 787 sqm - $40,000 each

Lot 6 Wyree Street - 3769 sqm - $60,000

Lots 4 and 5 Sec R Wyree Street North Pindimar - 2 Acres - $250,000

Lot 15 Section 47 Chauvel Street South Pindimar 835sqm - $37,500

Pindimar ~ an Aboriginal name meaning Black Possum

In 1918 a NSW Royal Commission on Decentralisation recommended Port Stephens to be a future Naval Base. An area of over 7000 acres was selected on the Northern Shoreline of Port Stephens.

The site was then proposed for the development of Pindimar City as a port for overseas shipping in 1918. Pindimar was also the suggested site of a naval base for the Pacific Fleet by Admiral of the Fleet, Viscount Jellicoe, in 1919. The proposed city was designed by W. Scott Griffiths. Plans for the development included farming lots for returned soldiers, a railway link, industrial and educational zones, a cathedral, golf links and cemeteries. The proposal was later rejected and the city never eventuated. However the plans for over 1000 allotments were surveyed, pegged and registered with the NSW Lands Titles Office asTorrens Title Freehold land with a Local Council Zoning of Non-Urban 1(a) - Agriculture use.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding non urban land.

"We have obtained all information in this document from sources we believe to be reliable; however, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Prospective purchasers are advised to carry out their own investigations…"

This zoning is prior to an Urban Zoning.

Non urban zoning does not allow a dwelling to be constructed on the land.

The Great Lakes Council have no timetable at all to re-zone this land. Sometime in the future it will be rezoned but nobody has any time frame. You can camp on the land (or caravan) - you can pursue any agricultural pursuit as the zoning is 1(a) non urban (a) (Agriculture).

Some lots have power to them and there is good underground water.

Further information may be obtain directly from:

Great Lakes Council, Breese Parade, Forster 2428

Or by telephone: 02 6591 7222

1 Non Urban Land, Pindimar, NSW, 2324

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