Nerong Park - Coastal Grazing Property

A coastal grazing property of some 8,000 acres first developed in early 1962 by the Colonial Sugar Refining Company (CSR)

Nerong Park is located on the Pacific Highway some 200 kilometres from Sydney’s northern suburb Wahroonga the start of the F3 Freeway.
Currently an area of 5,710 acres having been subdivided off the original CSR holding of 8,000 acres.

The soil types, topography, rainfall and mild climate all lent themselves to encouraged CSR company to develop the property into a balanced cattle rearing and fattening commercial enterprise.

Over the period of 1962 to 1968 an extensive vegetation clearing operation was implemented taking particular care to avoid and prevent soil erosion and preserve small wooded areas for cattle shading (cattle camps).
Extensive gravel reserves on the property enabled the construction of all-weather internal road ways throughout the property

During the development process of the property into a high yielding cattle grazing enterprise detailed soil analysis took place enabling the correct supplement of trace elements and fertilizer’s to be applied.

Careful paddock layout planning and fencing has produced 23 well balanced paddocks complete with 52 dams watering all paddocks.

All paddocks have significant treed cattle camps offering shade and protection from severe winds.

Correct coastal grazing pastures where selected to provide highest dry matter content with balanced nutrient and protein levels.

The selected pastures are well proven coastal region species that suit both the soil types and climatic region.

The property has the capability of carrying 1,000 head of cattle.

Rainfall records suggest an average rainfall of 52 inches per annum with a 70% rainfall reliability average.

Current fertiliser maintenance programme includes aerial spreading over 500 acre areas at a time.

The cattle management programme currently includes retention of all female calf’s to increase the herd breeding numbers.

Property details.

• Total holding area 5710 acres
• Area under pasture 4000 acres
• Dams 52
• Paddocks 23
• Cottages X 2
• Cattle yards x 2
• Carrying capacity 1000 head of cattle
• Current cattle number 672
• Rainfall approx. 52 inches per year
• Pasture types include:
 Kikuyu
 Clovers
 Setaria
 Paspalum
• Farm machinery includes:
 3 X tractors
 4 WD utilities vehicles
 Chisel and disc ploughs
 Rotary slashers
 Road grader
 General workshop equipment including welders etc.
 Chain saws, fencing building equipment
 Trailers
 Horses and saddlery

• Cattle numbers and types
 650 female Angus grown breeding cattle

7780 Pacific Highway, Nerong, NSW, 2423

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